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Series 3 - Danville, Kentucky


Small Town Flavor, an award-nominated original web TV show, is a heart-warming, dawn-to-dusk daytrip into the living nostalgia, lives, perspectives, traditions and food culture of small towns in America.  Find out more at

Episode 1 - Danville, KY


We'll begin our morning in the beautiful countryside on the farm, at "The Farm" Bed and Breakfast. From there, we're off to a "sweet" start as we roll up our sleeves to go "back in time" and straight into the story behind Burke's Bakery, a 5th generation family-run bakery where time, tradition and that one-of-a-kind scratch-bakery taste stand still.


Finally, we meet up at The Hub with a local Danville business leader for a historic tour of Main Street and a glimpse into how Danville is blending the past with the present and future to preserve its small town treasures for future generations to enjoy. 

Episode 2 - Danville, KY


Continue your journey with Pete into Danville's past to experience two history-changing firsts as we immerse ourselves in the places and stories behind the formation of Kentucky as a state as well as a significant moment in medical history. 

Episode 3 - Danville, KY


In this episode, journey with us just outside of Danville down the road to Perryville... a town of less than 1,000 where we'll grab a quick bite of BBQ before traveling back into time to experience the oldest continuously operating commercial district in the country and connect with an artist and a farmer/entrepreneur who is keeping the history alive.


From Merchants Row we then head out to the countryside to explore the grounds upon which the bloodiest Civil War battle in Kentucky took place. 

Episode 4 - Danville, KY


In this episode we immerse ourselves for a quick visual tour through the American Dollhouse Museum before Pete answers a curtain call, visit Hollywood's "hey day" and possibly even audition as we learn more about a one-of-a-kind 60 year summerstock theater tradition at the family-run Pioneer Playhouse.


Finally, it's back into Downtown Danville for an inside look at the Beer Engine, Danville's "Oldest" Brewery which just opened in 2010. There, we'll learn more about their "nanobrewing" process and explore a line up of the Beer Engine's signature craft beers and unforgettable beer cheese. 

Episode 5 - Danville, KY


Travel along with Pete as we head into an 1800s house which has been converted into Mermaid's... a unique bistro serving up a KY Proud menu full of fresh locally sourced meats and produce. From there, we head just up the street to V the Market and Wayne & Janes Wine and Whisky Bar for a little live local music and plenty of Kentucky "spirit".

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