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Series 2 - Bardstown, Kentucky


Small Town Flavor, an award-nominated original web TV show, is a heart-warming, dawn-to-dusk daytrip into the living nostalgia, lives, perspectives, traditions and food culture of small towns in America.  Find out more at

Episode 1 - Bardstown, KY


In this episode, we awaken in an old tavern & inn that dates back to the late 1700s and the days of Jessie James before heading along the downtown streets to hear and experience Bardstown's unique history with local historian Dixie Hibbs.


We'll also grab some breakfast and head into the kitchen with Mammy of Mammy's Kitchen to cook up some Southern Kentucky specialties... country ham and red-eye gravy and the famous Kentucky Hot Brown sandwich.

Episode 2 - Bardstown, KY


Breakfast is over and Pete's journey through Bardstown continues. Head over to the Bardstown Grower's Market to meet some incredible local farmers and learn why not all Farmer's Markets are actually "Farmer's" Markets.


From there, we begin our immersion in the story of Bardstown and its deeply historic relationship with the true American spirit... Bourbon. Finally, we'll drop by the 4th largest Civil War museum in the country to hear what life in Bardstown was like during the Civil War.

Episode 3 - Bardstown, KY


Your journey with Pete through Danville, Kentucky begins here! We'll begin our morning in the beautiful countryside on the farm, at "The Farm" Bed and Breakfast. From there, we're off to a "sweet" start as we roll up our sleeves to go "back in time" and straight into the story behind Burke's Bakery, a 5th generation family-run bakery where time, tradition and that one-of-a-kind scratch-bakery taste stand still.


Finally, we meet up at The Hub with a local Danville business leader for a historic tour of Main Street and a glimpse into how Danville is blending the past with the present and future to preserve its small town treasures for future generations to enjoy. 

Episode 4 - Bardstown, KY


In this episode, you'll travel into the heart, history and Bourbon-making process of an incredible family-run Bourbon distillery with a long legacy combined with a new beginning.


You'll also get to experience a very rare gathering of Bardstown's four Master Bourbon Distillers at the Oscar Getz Museum as they share their stories and, of course, the fruits of their labor. 

Episode 5 - Bardstown, KY


In the Bardstown, Kentucky series finale of Small Town Flavor, hop aboard a vintage train for a scenic trip full of fresh local ingredients and fresh cooking in the onboard kitchen with professional Chef Gil Logan. From there, Pete's time has arrived for his big debut in the Stephen Foster Story. Will he crumble under the pressure or will he take his first step toward broadway? Tune in to find out.


Finally, we finish our day with a brief look back at the Bardstown series set to another incredible song by singer-songwriter Michael Brunnock. You might want to stick around after the credits for something we think will put an even bigger smile on your face. 

Bonus Features 1 - Bardstown, KY


Return with us to Bardstown to drop in for a nostalgic visit to an old-fashioned drug store lunch counter and ice cream shop. Then, we'll head for a post-theater visit to the Rickhouse, a new Bardstown restaurant in the sub-level of the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History. As you might expect, there is a strong Bourbon Country influence in every aspect of this place.

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