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Series 1 - Fairhope, Alabama


Small Town Flavor, an award-nominated original web TV show, is a heart-warming, dawn-to-dusk daytrip into the living nostalgia, lives, perspectives, traditions and food culture of small towns in America.  Find out more at

Episode 1 - Fairhope, AL


In Episode 1, Host Panini Pete heads to Fairhope, AL where he begins his morning with a hard lesson in cast net fishing from the locals and then heads into town to for a cup of coffee and a celebrity encounter. 

Hosted by Chef Pete "Panini Pete" Blohme, Small Town Flavor is a heart-warming, dawn-to-dusk daytrip into the living nostalgia, lives, perspectives, traditions and food culture of small towns in America.

Episode 2 - Fairhope, AL


In Episode 2, we continue our day trip just outside of town to meet the singing Biscuit King and unravel the secret behind the legendary Ugly Biscuit.


We'll also visit the "Nut House" to go behind-the-scenes of a multi-generational family pecan business that was literally built from the ground up. Along the way, you won't want to miss Pete's extreme stunt as he learns firsthand how all of those pecans get from the tree to a sweet ending. 

Episode 3 - Fairhope, AL


In Episode 3, our day trip through Fairhope, Alabama continues first with our inside look at how pecans get from their hard shell to a form which we can all recognize. From there, we head back into town to visit a one-of-a-kind environmentally friendly community gathering space which captures the spirit of Fairhope.


As our appetite peaks, we head down the street for a little lunch and to go into the kitchen with a Fairhope native chef who worked the big city fine dining scene for years only to follow his heart back to Fairhope to open his unique Food Bar.

Episode 4 - Fairhope, AL


In Episode 4, it's afternoon in Fairhope and time to take a ride in an ice cream truck for grown-ups. From there, we take a trip back in time to discover the 100+ year legacy of organic education in Fairhope and the education visionary behind it all.


Finally, Pete follows his "sweet tooth" all the way to a house built in the 1800s to explore a four generation hand-crafted candy-making tradition. 

Episode 5 - Fairhope, AL


In Episode 5, roll up your sleeves and get ready to help us make some Divinity in the Punta Clara Candy Kitchen and learn the secret behind what has kept this four generation sweet family business going all these years. Next, we'll head into an Antebellum wash house.


Finally, we wrap up our day trip through Fairhope with a trip back into Downtown to celebrate the First Friday art walk to see how Fairhope makes art accessible to everyone. 

Bonus Features 1 - Fairhope, AL


Hear the story behind the rare phenomena and community tradition of a Mobile Bay Jubilee, an atmospheric event which results in a variety of fresh seafood emerging from the deep Bay waters onto the shore in and around Fairhope for the taking.

Bonus Features 2 - Fairhope, AL


Drop by for afternoon at the historic Grand Hotel just down the road from Fairhope on Mobile Bay to experience their regular afternoon canon salute to our U.S. military and the tradition of afternoon tea.

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