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A Seven-Year Journey Through an Unexpected Ballet Legacy

Born to Love Ballet is the unexpected story of Kenneth von Heidecke, a classical music-loving blue-collar kid from just outside of Chicago who became transfixed by the intense beauty of ballet as a young boy while observing his sister’s dance class.

However, upon learning of his son’s strong desire to take ballet class, Ken’s father strictly forbid him from pursuing ballet for the entirety of his childhood and adolescence.

Undeterred, Ken’s resolve could not be extinguished and years later his secretive defiance and determination led him to the realization of his ballet dreams even before his parents discovered he had been sneaking out to ballet classes in Chicago and Oak Park unbeknownst to them throughout his late high school and early college years.

The tragedy that followed led to a ballet legacy which this film follows for a period of seven-years, including the solitary journey of Sarah, a devoted ballet student, from age 11 to her first professional audition with the Nashville Ballet at age 18.


Born to Love Ballet premieres in Fall 2018

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