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“90% of our taste buds are in our eyeballs.”

- Mike "Hodad" Hardin


In the digital age, the visual storytelling experience of food has never been more important for your restaurant… 


… but don’t take my word for it. In the December 2016 issue of the Brain and Cognition medical journal, a study, entitled Eating with our Eyes, showed that, “Dramatic physiological and nuerophysiological changes are seen in response to food images.”  


Even more, hit restaurant-based shows, documentaries, and programming in the food entertainment world have created an almost insatiable appetite for restaurant stories.  Your unique restaurant story elevates and differentiates you from the competition by creating a connection, appreciation, and the desire to experience your food firsthand.  Great food stories make everything taste even better.  While we can’t promise you a segment on a hit restaurant TV show, Social Frequency can deliver you the next best thing with greater exposure and media shelf life. 


Stuart grew up working in and around the restaurant business and has been producing award-nominated food media for nearly a decade.  For 3 years, he ran the National Barbecue Association.  From food photography, documentaries, and web series to story-driven branding, websites, and marketing strategy, you won’t find a stronger ally in the restaurant business than Social Frequency.





•Professional food photography

•Video documentaries and web video series

•Visual story-driven restaurant websites

•Restaurant story development and refinement

•Story-driven branding and marketing strategy

• and more


(see also, Business Documentaries)


To get started or learn more, CLICK HERE to contact Social Frequency


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