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“Stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the claims of others.”

- Seth Godin


Storytelling plays a pivotal role in an association’s business strategy, culture, leadership, and management


Stuart has nearly two decades of association management experience both as an executive, an advocate, and a strategy consultant in the areas of organizational management, association start-up, turnaround management, membership, marketing, components, public relations, and publications.


He is a former ASAE Membership Section Council Chair and has served as a contributing author on ASAE Membership Essentials, Decision to Join, and Decision to Volunteer.  Additionally, Stuart has written articles for association-based publications and, as a speaker, has delivered over 30 presentations within the association industry covering a variety of practical and futurist topics.          


He takes a story-driven approach to all traditional association consulting areas, including membership development, marketing, content, digital, components, management, and more! 


Powerful business cultures, such as Disney, Facebook, and Apple, are “anchored” in uniquely humanizing stories and ongoing storytelling which creates connections, drives activities, inspires involvement, affirms shared beliefs, reinforces purpose, and provides an important reference point to keep the business aligned and on the right track.


The good news is association’s of all shapes and sizes can cultivate a strong story-driven business culture and Social Frequency can help you make it happen.  






•Story-driven business and organizational strategy


•Quantitative surveys and focus groups

•Association expansion strategy development

•Organizational virtualization straegy

•Content and marketing strategy

•Digital and social media strategy

•Board strategic planning

•Special projects


To connect with Stuart directly, CLICK HERE 

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