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“A podcast is a great way to develop relationships with hard to reach people.”

- Tim Paige


More than twice as many Americans listen to podcasts weekly vs. watching Sunday Night Football*


While Stuart has been involved in digital audio production for over two decades, his entry into the podcasting world dates back to 2006 when he started a monthly President’s audio cast for the Emergency Nurses Association. 


Weekly podcast listeners in America has risen to 48 million people in 2018*, up 6 million from 2017.  The podcast medium continues to rise in popularity due to it’s humanizing format, recurring episodic nature, portability, and the ability to do other things while listening to a podcast episode, such as a daily driving commute.


From podcast development and start-up to production and post-production, Social Frequency can serve a strong creative partner to your business or association.


* Source: Edison Research, 2018 Infinite Dial Study







•Podcast concept and format development

•Podcast hosting strategies

•Audience strategies

•Podcast platform and channel development

•Episode development  

•Episode coordination and remote production services

•Post-production editing, upload, and distribution

•Podcast marketing strategy


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