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“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

- Rudyard Kipling


Bring history to life through story, sight, sound, and motion


In the style of Ken Burns, Social Frequency takes the same approach to historical documentary storytelling.  Our constant goal is to bring the past to life through story, sight, sound, and motion.  Whether it’s a town, biography, institution or other historical entity, we will work very closely with your historians, archivists, and knowledgeable storytellers to put history into motion for present and future generations.   





•Off-Camera research interviews

•On-Camera interviews

•Photography restoration and colorization

•Sound design

•Motion editing of photos

•Script and narrative development

•Professional voice-over narrative

•Historical site video b-roll capture

•Oral history audio interview recording

•Legacy footage digitization services

•And more

To get started or learn more, CLICK HERE to contact Social Frequency


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