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“Facebook is the most powerful, accessible, and cost-effective targeted marketing platform in history.”


- Stuart Meyer

Why spend more for mass advertising when you can

spend less to specifically reach only your customers and prospective customers?  


When you buy expensive direct mail campaigns or traditional advertising on the radio, in newspapers, or on TV, you are not only paying to reach your prospective customers, you are also paying to reach a larger audience of people who most likely will never have any interest in your business whatsoever.  Imagine being able to pay only for those who are your prospective customers.  That's what Facebook enables you to do. 


Regardless of what those who don't really understand Facebook say, Facebook is without question the most dominant marketing platform today for its ability to cost-effectively micro-target audiences down to a level of unprecedented specificity based not only demographics but, more importantly, narrowly specified interests.


Social Frequency has over five years of experience with successful Facebook advertising campaigns and strategy.  We've seen what works and what doesn't work.  We've followed the evolution of Facebook paid reach and can help you get in front of your customers like never before.


With the right campaign, design, targeting, spend, and goals, your business can do so much more for less when it comes to your advertising dollar.


CONTACT STUART for a consultation.



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